Charlie 8"x10" on Paper

Rocco 11" x 14" on Paper

Mack  18" x 24" on Canvas

Diamond 11"x13"on Paper

Holly  11" x 14" on Canvas

 Lulu 8"x10" on Canvas


Bailey 11"x14" on Paper
Milo 8"x10" on Canvas

Brix, Roxy, Bella 18"x24" on Canvas 


 Great Wet Gatsby 11"x14" on Paper

Hitch 16"x20" on Canvas

Artwork and images may  not be reproduced without written permission.
Artwork is commissioned for personal use only and may not be used for personal gain.  Full reproduction copyright is retained by the artist.
Lily 8"x10" on Canvas
Bronte 8"x10" on  Canvas
Blake 8"x10" on Canvas

Penny 8"x10" on Canvas

 Brutus 11"x14" on Paper

Wavy 16"x20"on Paper

 Pookie 11"x14" on Paper

Harley 16"x20" on Paper
Pee Wee 11"x14" on Paper
Presley 16"x20" on Canvas
Presley and Friends 16"x20" on Canvas
Presley 16"x20" on Canvas
India at Fire Island 8"x10" on Paper
Gizzy 8"x10" on Paper
India Sweet Dreamin' 8"x10" on Paper


Cosmo 11"x14" on Canvas
Henriette 8"x10" on Canvas
Wojo 8"x10" on Canvas

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