The many wonderful reactions of my clients...

I just opened the package.  I am speechless.  It looks just like Rocco.  I feel like he is sitting here right next to me.

Pee Wee...It is a beautiful piece...and your work is stunning...the color and layout and is so beautiful.  I LOVE this.  Again, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.

I absolutely love the wonderful portrait of Penny!  It captures her beautifully.

Hitch...Blown're amazing!!!!!

Wojo...The painting looks great - I'm very pleased!  You captured his affectionate gaze.  Thank you again. it...I still can't stop reminds me of when he was a puppy and was just about to land on my face at a hundred miles an hour...every time I go back and look at it...I really do laugh out loud.  Well done!!!!!

Wavy...Beautiful painting!  Exquisite detail!  Thanks so much!

Without ever meeting my budgie Henriette, from just a photograph, Carla was able to see into his soul and channel the spirit of the brave little eaglet he was in her painting of him.  I feel so fortunate to have this enduring portrayal of my flockmate that radiates more personality than a photograph of him ever could. Carla's deep intuitive understanding of animals, and her ability to express it on canvas astounds me.

Carla thank you so much! I just got Presley's portrait and it looks beautiful. I can't believe how much it looks like him! You did an excellent job!  The additional portraits look wonderful and so much like him. Thanks again for beautiful pieces of art that we can cherish forever.

You nailed Otis...Such a resemblance...Thank you.  We were delighted with the result.  We are thrilled to have this wonderful likeness of our beloved pet. We will cherish this portrait for a long time.

You definitely captured Harley's spirit!

The portrait of my sister's cat, Minna, made an absolutely unique gift.  The painting itself is stunning and does indeed, capture Minna's spirit. It was the perfect surprise!

I just got the painting of Brutus!  It's absolutely amazing!!!!  Thank you so much.

I absolutely love my portrait of Puck and Ashby. You captured their expressions perfectly!! I can't believe I actually have a portrait of my cats! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The portrait of Boo Bunny and Trixie reflects exactly the way I remember them.  You are incredibly talented and I am over the moon thrilled.  Thank you so much for the beautiful artwork and for taking such care in giving me a memory of my 2 old girls who passed away this year.

Yes, that's Harrison's "I'm not perfect" look, exactly.

We are absolutely overjoyed with the portrait of Bailey.  You captured our princess perfectly!

Carla, you've revealed the very essence of our Great Wet Gatsby in your amazing painting of him.  His spontaneity, zest for life, and eternally cheerful outlook is summed up in that moment of his very first time at a dog park, complete with a LAKE!  He was in his flat coated retriever element, loving every minute of it, and you brought all that to life in this painting.  Every time I look at it, I am back at that dog park, enjoying that special day.  Thank you so very much.

It's absolutely amazing!!!  I can't believe how you captured Teddy's smile and the look of thought in Chloe's face.  You are truly very talented.  Thank you so much.

I truly love my pet portrait of my Pomeranian, JoyThe painting is the first picture I see when I come home everyday and I love it.  Carla really did a great job and brought my dog to life in paint!

Through viewing a few photos online,  Ms. Brandberg expertly captured Gizzy’s personality and mischievousness.  Her skillful use of light, color and texture creates a three dimensional effect; depending on the time of day, her painting looks more like Gizzy than the rambucous Gitzu himself.  Ms. Brandberg brings to her work a tireless dedication and a profound love of animals.  This painting is a family treasure!